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Venture Craft

Craft a compelling business plan based on market insights, setting the stage to attract investors and elevate your venture.

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Live Classes - 500+ Contact Hours

16 In-Campus Residency Weeks

6 Industry Immersions

6 Industry Visits

Bring Your Own Business Problem (BYOB-P)

50+ MSME Experts

International Immersion

One-to-one Mentorship


6 Months






Business Professionals

Commencement Date

20 December, 2023

Program Overview

Venture Craft is your gateway to transforming your business idea into a globally competitive enterprise. Through our program, you'll receive actionable insights derived from deep market research, positioning you a step ahead of your competitors. With our guidance, not only will you devise strategies to boost profits and broaden your market reach, but you'll also craft a compelling business plan tailored to attract potential investors. Together, let's build a future characterized by informed decisions, sustainable growth, and strong investor relations.


Craft your Investment Grade Business Plan

50+ MSME Experts

1:1 Business Mentorship

2 Immersions at PAN India

Meet Your Experts

Program Outcomes

Market & Competitive Analysis: Understand market trends, check out competitors, and use customer data for business decisions.

Financial Modeling & Investment Strategy : Use financial models for forecasts. Choose investments for best returns

Global Expansion Strategy: Develops plans to enter new markets, ensuring cultural adaptation and sustainable business growth.

Partnership Opportunities with other Family Business: Collaborate with family businesses, fostering synergies, and mutual growth through strategic alliances.

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Program Curriculum

Module 1: Finance and Investment Management

Finance Principles & Analysis

Financial Markets and Investment Strategies

Private Equity and Investment Strategies

Valuation Methods and Financial Analysis

Introduction to Business Financing and Capital Sources

Strategies for Business Growth

Managing Risks in Growth

Module 2: Family Business Management

Family Business Governance

Advanced Topics in Family Managed Businesses (Relationship Management, Reporting, Ownership, Interference, etc)

Family Business Expansion Strategies

Case Studies and Discussion

Entrepreneurship in Family Businesses

Innovation and Business Growth

Case Studies in Family Business Success

Module 3: Strategic Planning and Growth

Strategic Planning and Analysis

Customer Value Management

Green Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Organizational Growth Strategies

Mergers, Acquisitions, & Organizational Growth Strategies

Managing Change and Transformation

Case Studies in Organizational Growth

Module 4: International Business and Global Expansion

Introduction to Global Business Expansion

Market Entry Strategies and Internationalization

Managing Global Operations and Supply Chains

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Ecosystem Analysis and Business Environment

Competitive Landscape and Industry Dynamics

Regulatory Framework and Legal Considerations

Module 5: Business Trends and Innovation

Scaling Operations and Expansion

Introduction to Global Business Expansion

Managing Global Operations and Supply Chains

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Global Business Trends

Planning New Business Ventures

Launching & Scaling New Business Ventures

Fee Structure


Rs 50,000


Rs 4,50,000

*Fees amount mentioned above are exclusive of applicable 18% GST

**Admission Fee is Non-Refundable

***Residential facilities will be made available to program participants for offline class

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