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Legacy Leaders

Lay the foundation for strong family governance and leadership. Preserve your family's knowledge, manage wealth wisely, and build a legacy for future generations

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Access the consolidated course information here!


Live Classes - 500+ Contact Hours

16 In-Campus Residency Weeks

6 Industry Immersions

6 Industry Visits

Bring Your Own Business Problem (BYOB-P)

50+ MSME Experts

International Immersion

One-to-one Mentorship


6 Months






Business Professionals

Commencement Date

20 December, 2023

Program Overview

Legacy Leaders goes beyond just preserving your family's business legacy; it's about amplifying and securing it for future generations. We equip you with robust governance structures and insightful strategies to safeguard both your family's heritage and wealth. Additionally, we guide you in setting up a family office, ensuring efficient wealth management tailored to your family's unique needs and aspirations. Partner with us to guarantee the continuity of your family's traditions, business success, and financial prosperity.


Setup YOUR Family Office

50+ MSME Experts

1:1 Business Mentorship

2 Immersions at PAN India

Meet Your Experts

Program Outcomes

Family Governance & Leadership Structure: Establish a clear framework for decision-making and leadership roles within the family business.

Knowledge Transfer & Legacy Preservation Process: Ensure smooth transition and continuation of business values and insights across generations.

Wealth Management & Investment Diversification Plan: Strategize financial growth, ensuring diversified investments to maximize returns and mitigate risks.

Philanthropic & CSR Strategy: Design impactful initiatives aligned with business values, contributing positively to society.

Structural Plan for Family Legacy & Values: Develop a blueprint to reinforce and perpetuate the family's values, principles, and legacy in business practices.

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Program Curriculum

Module 1: Family Business Management

Introduction to Hierarchy & Management in Family Managed Businesses

Challenges and Opportunities

Introduction to the Rising Generation in Family Enterprises

Preparing for Leadership: Skills and Challenges

Succession Planning and Transition

Case Studies in Family Business Succession

Navigating Challenges in Family Enterprises

Module 2: Corporate Challenges and Turnaround

Identifying and Diagnosing Corporate Challenges

Restructuring and Change Management

Financial Recovery and Sustainable Turnaround

Case Studies in Corporate Turnarounds

Module 3: Business and Government Relations

Corporate-Government Relations and Policy Advocacy

Fee Structure


Rs 50,000


Rs 4,50,000

*Fees amount mentioned above are exclusive of applicable 18% GST

**Admission Fee is Non-Refundable

***Residential facilities will be made available to program participants for offline class

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