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Digital Drive

Embrace the future by initiating a robust digital strategy. By redesigning processes and securing your data, position yourself at the forefront of the digital era.

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Access the consolidated course information here!


Live Classes - 500+ Contact Hours

16 In-Campus Residency Weeks

6 Industry Immersions

6 Industry Visits

Bring Your Own Business Problem (BYOB-P)

50+ MSME Experts

International Immersion

One-to-one Mentorship


6 Months






Business Professionals

Commencement Date

20 December, 2023

Program Overview

Navigate the digital realm with Digital Drive, your compass to a future where technology and business intertwine seamlessly. More than a blueprint, our program is a promise—a promise of productivity, enhanced IT security, and a transformative journey into the digital age. With every step, we ensure that the shift is smooth, training your team for the challenges ahead. Together, let's embrace the digital revolution, positioning your business at the forefront of change.

Craft your Technology and Digital Roadmap

50+ MSME Experts

1:1 Business Mentorship

2 Immersions at PAN India

Meet Your Experts

Program Outcomes

Digital Transformation Strategy: Design a blueprint to integrate digital technologies into all areas of business.

Business Process Digitization & Automation Plan: Implement technologies to streamline and automate core business processes.

IT Infrastructure & Cybersecurity Landscape: Establish a robust IT infrastructure with an emphasis on safeguarding data and systems.

Change Management & Training Requirements: Ensure seamless adoption of new technologies and processes through targeted

training and change management strategies

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Program Curriculum

Module 1: Business Productivity and Technology

Google Suite

Productivity Tools

Data Analytics and Business Decision-Making

Technology Trends in Business

Leveraging Technology for Growth

Applying Design Thinking in Business

Module 2: Family Business Management

Introduction to Product Management

Product Development and Lifecycle

Market Research and User-Centered Design

Product Strategy and Roadmapping

Product Launch and Marketing

Product Management Case Studies

Module 3: Project Management

Understanding Frameworks & Tools

Project Planning

Fundamentals of Project Management

Project Closure

Future Trends and Business Anticipation

Managing Change and Transformation

Fee Structure


Rs 50,000


Rs 4,50,000

*Fees amount mentioned above are exclusive of applicable 18% GST

**Admission Fee is Non-Refundable

***Residential facilities will be made available to program participants for offline class

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